Sensor Technology

We are mainly engaged in the study, development and production of integrated ceramic pressure sensor, standard voltage and current signal output module and ceramic pressure transmitter.

We choose ceramic ring produced by Kyocera as our ceramic base, apply thick film resistor printing method, and use imported laser resistor trimming machine to do zero adjustment and temperature compensation. Our self-designed auto-line for temperature drift detection and grading can store testing data of each product in our server with ID, this enhances traceability and quality control of our products. We also designed many types of signal amplifying and adjusting circuits, and designed an auto signal adjusting and calibration software, these improves our annual packaging and testing capability to 2 million sensors and 0.5 million transmitters. With our precision machining ability to make different metal transmitter housings, we are able to customize transmitters with various sizes.

Our ceramic pressure sensor has many advantages like high sensitivity, low temperature drift, high stability, high linearity, low creep, anti-corrosion and easy installation. Its applications cover all areas using pressure control units, especially in automotive, petro-chemical industries, and electric home appliance industry.

Our ceramic pressure transmitter has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high accuracy, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant, high linearity, sluggish and longer shelf life. It is used in air compressor, refrigeration machine, central air-conditioning, car engine oil pressure, and water treatment equipment.


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